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Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021

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Calling All #TechForGood Startups

How can your early-stage innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?

Aindra Systems



A 2008 report by GLOBOCAN, International Agency for Research on Cancer, indicates that India has more than a third of the global incidences (~140,000) as well as mortalities (~74,000) of Cervical Cancer. 365 million women in India over 15 years are at risk of contracting cervical cancer. 70% of Indian population residing in rural India have limited or no access to quality healthcare. These statistics indicate the need to solve the problem of cervical cancer at a nation’s level and create point-of-care systems which are affordable and easy to screen, making it convenient for women to get screened. The solution should be: a simple, affordable, reliable and accessible point-of-care system, + portable and scalable for large scale deployment.