Winners will be announced on June 29, 2021!
Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021

$1 Million USD in Prizes

Calling All #TechForGood Startups

How can your early-stage innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?

LIMBER Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

LIMBER Unibody Prosthetic Leg


Only 1 in 10 people in need has access to prosthetic and orthotic devices, due to their extremely high cost and the lack of access to skilled physicians. The result? Millions of people are denied the basic quality of life because they can’t walk, take care of themselves, or participate in society. LIMBER uses novel 3D printing and digital design techniques to create affordable, unibody prosthetic devices. The LIMBER process starts with a scan of the amputee’s limbs.  Next, using digital design, the scans are transformed into a personalized prosthesis that we manufacture using our in-house 3D printers. 3D printing allows us to reduce the cost of our limbs to less than one-tenth of the cost of comparable devices.