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Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2022

$1 Million USD in Prizes

Calling All #TechForGood Startups

How can your early-stage innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?

MediPrint: Robotic, mind controlled 3d prosthetics


Waking up in the morning and walking to the bathroom, then going and grabbing a glass of water, things so simple and that we all take for granted, are NOT the reality for the 789,000 amputees in México. Traditionally, prostheses are extraordinarily expensive, and getting one is an unachievable dream. And that´s why we raised to stand up for them, so they can stand by themselves. MediPrint is a company that creates robotic arms and legs, controlled with the mind, and using 3D printing technologies, this is why we managed to reduce the costs to just 4% of traditionally manufactured prosthetics, thus, allowing for the first time access to these devices for low income populations in Latin America.