Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2018

Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2018

$300,000 in Prizes • Calling Students and Recent Grads  

How can your innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?

Semifinalists Announced

Cisco Global Problem Solver 2018 Semifinalists

Congratulations to our semifinalists!

Akili Labs : MobiMed

Altech : IoT Integrated Vending Machines

Anthony Kuhn : Cairn

Blind-Tech : Blind-Tech

CareNX Innovations : FETON

CyberPowered Home : A Smart Breaker Box Solution

DC Energy Systems : DC Energy Solutions

Embrace Healthwear : Libra

Enent : Intellica

Erica Green : Alcea Breast Pump

Eyeluminati: Manovue

Farmster : Farmster

Flux : Flux

Flux Marine : Revolution Outboards LLC

Innovex Uganda Limited : Remot

Inventum : Pukio

Jara : Jara

Lithium Technologies Limited : Dr Lex

M-Shule: M-Shule

MacGlas : MacGlas

MoLabs Diagnostics : drCAM

Movimiento Peruanos sin aqua : Innovation Ecosystem self-sustainable

Re-able : The Move

Renewable Energy for African Agriculture : Renewable Energy for African Agriculture and Smallholder Farmers


Soil : DEWS

Strados Labs : Strados

TeamPowerstove : Powerstove

ToyUp: ToyUp


Usalama Tech Group Limited : Usalama

WANTED INNOVATIONS : The Wanted Smart Solar Water Pump

wekebere : wekebere

Check back April 30th to see the finalists and vote for your favorites!