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Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2021

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Calling All #TechForGood Startups

How can your early-stage innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?

Positive Carbon

Positive Carbon


Food Waste is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. 1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted, costing $1 trillion globally & contributing to 10% of all Greenhouse gases. The foodservice industry is aware of the impact & cost, but without data to show how to cut down their waste, it's difficult, time-consuming & even risky to try it. We changed that! We have developed a fully automated food waste monitoring system. It consists of an IOT scale & camera; which tracks the weight and identifies the food type of all wasted food. This info is viewed on live reports - where they can see what food they are throwing out & why, so they can make changes to their purchasing & production decisions & save thousands of kilos of food & CO2.